Vintage studio microphone TT-55

Tube condenser microphone for professional recording. Polar pattern: omni, cardioid, 8 and six intermediate adjustable radio ranges; Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz; Sensitivity adjust: 0 to -20 dB (to prevent high soundpressure overload); Output impedance:

HiFi tube amplifier ET105-01

Difference from other amplifiers – great sound at minimal volume. Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz; Input impedance: >100kΩ; Power output (per channel): 4Ω – 20W to 8Ω – 15W; Output impedance: 4-8Ω; Input sensitivity: 0.25 – 1V; Tube complement: 2x 6H1n (6H5n) and 1x 6X2n; Dimensions: 125x115x260mm; Weight: 2.5kg.

Booster pedal – Tube Bass

Tube preamplifier for acoustic and electric bass guitar. Deep bass and easy tone control. Warm tube tone with soft limitation and compression. Insertion: amplifier, sound card, mixer; Independent sound design; The world’s original vacuum tube technology; 2 band EQ (high and low frequency control); Dimension: 70x70x110mm; Weight: 0.5kg.

Acoustic guitar pickup – TAC-59

Handcrafted electromagnetic ceramic pickup, bright and clear single-coil sound, easily installed in the socket of the guitar. Pickup type: single-coil with anti-hum coil; Magnets type: ceramic; Parameters: inductance 2.32H (Henry); resistance 5.1ΚΩ; Remarks: 41-inch hole with 3 meters unpluggable cable (also can use with acoustic bass guitar); Tuning: whole pickup; Cover: matte plastic; Color: black.

Bass guitar pickup – PBF-70

EMG pickups body style, fit for Warwick bass guitars. Clean intonation and good attack. Pickup type: passive humbucker; Magnets type: ceramic; Parameters: inductance 6.2H (Henry); resistance 9.57ΚΩ; Position: neck / bridge; Dimension: 113x39x22mm; Cover: matte plastic; Color: black.

Electric guitar pickup – TAS

Less hum electric guitar pickup for Stratocaster guitars. American Standard sound design. Pickup type: passive pickup, single-coil;  Magnets type: AlNiCo 5;  Position: neck, middle, bridge;  Cover: matte plastic;  Color: white, black, ivory white.

Electric guitar pickup – IL57-N

No hum electromagnetic pickup for electric guitars. AlNiCo2 and ceramic magnet mix have a warm and solid sound. Gives more sustain and dynamic. Pickup type: passive pickup, humbucker;  Magnets type: AlNiCo 2 + ceramic;  Parameters: inductance 5.0H (Henry), resistance 12ΚΩ;  Position: neck;  Cover: matte plastic;  Color: black.