TRAKHMANN pickups designed by Alexander Trokhin in collaboration with professional musicians.
Allows no extra effort to get the right sound at the concert and in the studio, perfectly convey the dynamics and sustain the tool due
to the design, which has no analogues. The original technology allows to significantly reduce noise, or totally ustrant background.
TRAKHMANN pickups are vacuum impregnation, and are ideal for use with a high level of gain.
Development Alexander Trokhin have participated in a competition
“The best domestic innovation in the field of music technology” at the exhibition MUSIC MOSCOW.
The jury Trokhin Alexander is a three-time winner and a multiple winner in the nomination:
“The equipment for musical instruments”, “Musical Instruments”, “Audio Equipment”, “Studio gears.”
Members of the jury included professional musicians and sound engineers:
Craig Moore (. C Gonn), Alexei Belov (c Gorky Park.) Vadim Golutvin (c Aras, Jolly Fellows, CB, etc…),
Daniel Zakharenkov (gr Black Obelisk.) Alexander Chinenkov (gr. Funny guys, the Resurrection, NE),
Oleg Nesterov (gr. Megapolis), Andrei Mikhailov (ISPA manager), Oleg Sakmarov Sergei Schurakov (ex-Aquarium, U-Piter),
Maria Soboleva (Head. of the department sound engineering Gnessin. Gnesin),
Vladimir Vinogradov (multiple winner Nicky, winner of Oscar, the highest category of a sound engineer).